Stijn Van der Auwera studied interior design but quickly took the step to jewelry design. In the quest for a ring for his girlfriend, he found nothing that appealed to him and decided to design a ring himself.

He began experimenting with marble and through his knowledge of materials, he found a special technique to create a beautiful epoxy composite. Several months later, his first collection 'Liquid Marble' is a fact.

Liquid Marble

'Liquid Marble' presents marble in its most atypical form and bright colors. No unnecessary frills but the essence of the pure. Stijns designs are an endless quest for a pure version of rich materials and architectural forms.

Shortly after 'Liquid Marble' he presents his second collection 'From Heaven to Hell'. Stijn ignores the seasons and only designs the next collection when the time is right.


From Heaven to Hell

'From Heaven to Hell' gives a surprising twist on two old concepts: devils and angels. The funny designs in bright materials make you shine in fiery red and electric blue.

Each collection is based on a ring, just like the brand Staen itself. Yet each collection is complete.


Don't be a square

For his third collection 'Don't be a square' Staen reinterprets the square form. This collection is largely inspired by the simplicity of a square, but turned inside out.